What you should Know about Water Softener Shower Head

What you should Know about Water Softener Shower Head

A Water softener shower head carries out secondary purpose. This means that it delivers a spray just like a conventional shower head, but also softens the water. Several homeowners ought to deal with hard water. This explains why the need to invest in a shower head to combat this particular problem. They work by reducing sulfur odors, chlorine chemicals, and scale. Usually, the devices are easy to install and come in a wide range of settings.

shower head filter for useHard water contains several minerals. It is an issue because the water contains magnesium, calcium carbonate, and iron. The minerals build up and are quite hard on the plumbing. Moreover, they can make the water look less clear. You can also do something about this particular problem. Therefore, it is advisable to buy a shower head that filters out the excess and unwanted minerals. Thus, you will feel fresher and cleaner as you cannot be showering in water that looks dirty because of the mineral content.

As you probably know, hard water can cause plumbing issues. Therefore, it is paramount to take action. Smart homeowners are savvy and smart enough to purchase a softening shower head. They can enjoy showers more. There are several reasons to get a water softener shower head. The following are some important things to consider when purchasing a shower water filter:

Water flow rate

This can be defined as the amount of water that passes through shower head per a given time. Usually, it is measured in GPM (gallons per minute). It is advisable to purchase one with a higher value. Ensure you purchase a showerhead filter that is EPA certified as this can save a lot of water and even reduce water bills.shower head water softener filter water flow rate


Water filter manufacturers make some bold claims about how their products are effective. In fact, they can easily mislead you into choosing a poor quality water filter. You need to know how to separate fiction from facts and read independent reviews.

Wall mounted or handheld

The main types of water shower head filters are wall-mounted and handheld. You will realize that most of them offer an option of the two. Moreover, there are certain models that combine these two styles into one.