5 Importances Of A Healthy Work Environment

5 Importances Of A Healthy Work Environment

Majority of people spend a significant part of their lives at work. Therefore, it’s naturally vital they work in a good healthy environment. The effect of this on every aspect of an individual’s health is far-reaching than most of the people realize. So what is the importance of a healthy working environment?

Attracting Better Quality Employeescdnddjdjfjfj

Companies which try to make their work environment for employees healthy may attract more people. This increases competition among applicants. And with more pool of applicants to choose from, organizations may find it easier hiring the best quality employees overall.

Increased Productivity

A healthy working environment may improve in two ways employee productivity. First, healthy employees are going to feel better; they have more energy plus endurance, and they are more able to work hard at their tasks.

Second, a healthy working environment may significantly contribute to employee happiness. Organizations which encourage their employees to eat right, and take care of their bodies show employees indirectly that they’re valued. It is not a stretch thinking that employees who feel appreciated by their bosses or employers are more likely to appreciate and like their jobs, and feel happy at work.

Research shows that happy employees are 12 percent more productive than their unhappy counterparts. Just imagine what would occur when your company’s whole workforce increased by 12% its productivity!

Reduced Turnover

This is also a key importance of a healthy work environment. Turnover is not cheap. The price of losing an employee may be as six to nine months of salary-according to some studies. Therefore, creating a healthy work environment may help your organization retain employees, and save cash on recruiting and training.

Reduced Healthcare Costs

Healthier employees, both medical and emotional, visit the physician less often when compared to sick employees. They also spend less cash on healthcare and enjoy lower rates of insurance. Thus, maintaining some healthy work environment may lower your organization’s healthcare spending for several years.

Lower Absenteeism Rates

hjcdjjcdjdjfdjAbsenteeism is what occurs when employees chronically call out sick. This is expensive because it reduces productivity. When you have a healthy working environment, it means that your employees are also going to be healthy. Those employees who are healthy will call out sick less and, therefore, eventually cost less money.

Importance of a healthy work environment: Bottom Line

With so much period spent on work, it’s a fact that a positive and healthy environment is important to your health. Maintaining a healthy work environment needs attention to equipment plus workstation design, task design, physical environment (humidity, temperature, noise, light, space, and ventilation), psychological factors like job control and workplace, personal interactions plus environmental and chemical exposures.